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Benefits for the grower

For progressive and caring growers

Farmers need more than just a fungicide, more than what current chemical and biological products have to offer.

XILON® is the next generation broad-spectrum soil fungicide for oilseeds and corn, inspired by nature, to improve plant and soil health, increase yield and benefit the land.

XILON® relies on the active ingredient T34, it boosts plant and soil health and at the same time, offers efficient and comprehensive pathogen control.

Key Factors of Success 

• Better water and nutrient uptake
• Higher photosynthetic activity
• Mobilization of phosphor and iron
• In-furrow application makes additional steps in the field unnecessary (less water, fuel, labor, etc.)

Pathogen Control
  • Protects plants against Sclerotinia primary root infections and other soil-borne diseases
  • Superior Trichoderma strain carefully selected through screening of over 300 strains
  • Efficiency on target pathogen on par with foliar chemicals and better than soil or seed treatment biologicals as proven in more than 100 GEP trials and extensive farm trials
Plant Health
  • Better crop emergence
  • Stronger fine rooting
  • Higher leaf mass index
  • Better photosynthetic activity
Soil Health
  • Improves organic matter decomposition leading to a better micronutrient availability
  • Helps to restore a proper soil fauna
  • Is selective to pathogens
XILON® performs and delivers

More than 10% average yield increase in our extensive trial program
XILON® shows a consistent yield increase proven in over 100 official GEP trials
and 400 KOL trials in disease and no disease conditions. It provides stress-free
plant care, which is good for famers, good for the land and good for society.

XILON® is an Award Winning Innovation

„As was evident from the shortlist, the  competition was intense for our top awards,
with many excellent applications. But XILON®’s attributes as a broadspectrum 
soil fungicide, its granular formulation, and use in antiresistance management
programs made it a winner.“

Statement of the Jury - Crop Science Forum & Awards 2020

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