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The Power of 4 Modes of Action

XILON® - Four effective Modes of Action
A superior formulation
Harnessing the power of XILON®

Thanks to Kwizda Agro’s extensive formulation and development expertise,
XILON® offers an optimized formulation boosting the growth of Trichoderma asperellum and the natural defense system of the plants. 

XILON® is an Award Winning Innovation:

 „As was evident from the shortlist, competition was intense for our top awards, with many excellent applications. But the attributes of XILON® as a broadspectrum soil fungicide, its granular formulation, and use in antiresistance management programs made it a winner.“

Statement of the Jury - Crop Science Forum & Awards 2020

T34 - Simply the Best-in-Class
Not all Trichoderma are the same.

There are huge differences among the families of this genus, even single strains perform differently on the field.

Why is T34* (Trichoderma asperellum) so special?

T34 offers the best in class trade-off proven with over 300 strains screened over decades of research work at a leading university in Spain. T34 has the most solid database currently on the market.

Trichoderma asperellum strain has been evaluated according to the new EU regulation.

More than 200 registration studies were conducted. T34 has a broader performance spectrum than other strains.

* The strain T34 is registered on Annex l; registration holder is Biocontrol Technologies, S.L.. 

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